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Alba del Mahamudra
Alba del Mahamudra: Mente, Meditacion y Absoluto
By: Bokar Rinpoche y Kenpo Donyo
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La creciente expansion de la tradicion tibetana no debe perder de vista,
a pesar de su extraordinaria riqueza, su unica meta: El descubrimiento
del absoluto. A este Absoluto, al igual que a la meditacion que conduce a
l, se le denomina Mahamudra, termino que lleva un aura de infinito
pero cuyas verdaderas implicaciones raramente se conocen.
Chenrezig, the Lord of Love
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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Principles and Methods of Deity Meditation. The Tibetan Buddhist practices of meditation are part of the spiritual wealth of humanity and deity meditation forms the heart of this treasure. For over a millennium Tibetan lamas have used meditation on deities as a means to master the inner world. Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit), the deity that represents the loving and compassionate potential of the mind, is the most popular deity of Tibet.
Day of a Buddhist Practitioner
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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Giving up the ordinary activities of the mundane world to devote ourselves to spiritual practice alone would create an ideal condition for inner growth. This is possible for very few individuals. For the rest of us who must juggle work, family, friends and deal with all kinds of emotions, a way to integrate our spiritual practice into daily life is much needed. Bokar Rinpoche gives us this guidance in a variety of situations so we can ground our spiritual practice in every moment of or ordinary life and become more mindful.
Death and the Art of Dying In Tibetan Buddhism
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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Terrifying sounds are heard such as the din of a tumbling mountain, the crashing of storm waves on the ocean, the crackling noise of fire and the howling of wind. There again, we should not be afraid but rather think that these are only deluded, manifestations of our mind without real existence.
Mahamudra Meditation
By: Traleg Rinpoche & Bokar Rinpoche
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Teachings on Mahamudra and the Mahamudra Attitude Towards Meditation

This volume contains several teachings focusing on the mahamudra approach to meditation.
The first section provides an overview of mahamudra. The section is a transcript of teaching given by the Venerable Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche at the annual Buddhist Summer School held at Melbourne University in January 1993.
Meditacion: Consejos a Los Principiantes
Meditacion: Consejos a Los Principiantes
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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El gran maestro de meditacin, el lama Bokar Rimpoch, nos introduce al fascinante y dificil sendero de la meditacion budista de una manera clara y sencilla pero a la vez profunda e inspiradora.
"La meditacion concierne a la mente. La mente es muy parecida al cielo: sin forma,sin substancia, sin dimension. Igual que pasa con el cielo, todo el mundo sabe que la mente existe,pero muy pocos saben lo que es verdaderamente. Como el cielo, la mente no tiene ni centro ni limites. Nosotros no tenemos la experiencia de este estado ilimitado. Por el contrario,reducimos lo infinito a finito y permanecemos encerrados en los lmites estrechos de lo que llamamos "yo".

Meditation Advice to Beginners
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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Distracted by sense objects or by the succession of thoughts, our mind never remains stable in its own essence. Knowing how to maintain our mind in its own nature, as it is, without being distracted by either outer phenomena or inner thoughts, is precisely what we mean by meditation.
An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the teachings of Bokar Rinpoche help you to train your mind and discover the subtle domain of meditation without losing your way.
Opening the Door to Certainty
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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"Opening the Door to Certainty" is a condensed version of the Ninth Karmapa's work, "The Ocean of Certainty." It introduces one to the direct understanding of the absolute nature of mind- Mahamudra. Although it is not a substitute for a living teaching but a guide to the path of Mahamudra, this book may serve you as a friendly companion on the journey. The purpose of Mahamudra is not to bring us something new but to introduce us to that which we already have.
Profound Wisdom of the Heart Sutra
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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The Heart Sutra is one of the most famous texts of Buddhism. Here Shakyamuni Buddha, the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and Shariputra together with Prajnaparamita, the Mother of all Buddhas reveal to us the wisdom that views phenomena as they are. Bokar Rinpoche penetrates the essence of this sutra transcending words and images.
Taking the Bodhisattva Vow, Bokar Rinpoche
Taking the Bodhisattva Vow
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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In this work, Bokar Rinpoche gives us a clear presentation of the Bodhisattva vow, its nature, and its implications. We learn of aspiring and realizing Bodhicitta (mind of awakening) and of the various stages of the Bodhisattvas and their activity. Bokar Rinpoche explains how to take the vow, the commitments, the precepts, and how to purify ourselves if we break the Bodhisattva vow.
Tara: The Feminine Divine
By: Bokar Rinpoche
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Bokar Rinpoche presents the various aspects of Tara and the origin of her tantra, relates contemporary examples of her benevolent activity, provides an explanation of her praise, offers instruction for devotional practice, and discusses remarkable women in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. An extensive iconography completes the text.