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Ahimsa: Buddhism, the Vegetarian Ideal
Ahimsa: Buddhism & the Vegetarian Ideal
By: Bodo Balsys
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Ahimsa means "harmlessness," carried out in thought word, or deed. A major precept of Buddhists of all denominations is to practise harmlessness. Such activity is not supposed to be theory, but a practical fact, a sacred pledge (samaya) integrated into the fibre of one's every mode of conduct on the path to enlightenment and liberation from the samsara. However, as this text elaborates, all good intent along this line falls flat in the light of the practice condoned by many Buddhists of meat consumption.
Food of Bodhisattvas; Buddhist Teachings on Abstaining from Meat
By Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol
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Based on the teachings of the Buddha, this book offers the most compelling and impassioned indictment of meat-eating to be found in Tibetan literature and is pertinent to anyone interested in vegetarianism as a moral or spiritual issue. The Buddha's teachings show how destructive habits can be examined and transformed gradually from within. The aim is not to repress one's desire for meat and animal products by force of will, but to develop heartfelt compassion and sensitivity to the suffering of animals, so that the desire to exploit and feed on them naturally dissolves.
Lamp of Scriptures and Reasoning, A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on the Faults of Eating Meat
By: Phurbu Tashi
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Here I offer a brief presentation of the faults of eating meat and the benefits of abandoning it. If one is already a vegetarian, the content should prove confirming. If one is not, perhaps this discussion will inspire a reduction in consumption. In general, abandoning eating meat is a profound means of practicing compassion and loving kindness - the foundation of Mahayana Buddhism, and in particular it surely contributes to enjoying a long and healthy life. I hope this is of some benefit to all who encounter this reading.
A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion
Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion
By: Matthieu Ricard
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Matthieu Ricard here takes the arguments from his best-sellers Altruism and Happiness to their logical conclusion: that compassion toward all beings, including our fellow animals, is a moral obligation and the direction toward which any enlightened society must aspire. He chronicles the appalling sufferings of the animals we eat, wear, and use for adornment or "entertainment," and submits every traditional justification for their exploitation to scientific evidence and moral scrutiny. What arises is an unambiguous and powerful ethical imperative for treating all of the animals with whom we share this planet with respect and compassion.
Tashi and Norbu
Tashi and Norbu: A Tibetan Nomad boy's Quest to Save a Beloved Yak
By: Pema Gellek
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Tashi is a little nomad boy who has grown up in a valley of towering Himalayas. One harsh winter, her learns his best friend, Norbu, a most unusual yak, is destined for slaughter. He embarks on a high-altitude adventure to save Norbu, and along the way, learns the meaning of friendship and the preciousness of all life.

Illustrated by: Eva Van Dam
Vegetarianism and Animal Ethics in Contemporary Buddhism
Vegetarianism and Animal Ethics in Contemporary Buddhism
By: James Stewart
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Buddhism is widely known to advocate a stance of total pacifism towards all sentient beings, and because of this, it is often thought that Buddhist doctrine would stipulate that non-violent food practices, such as vegetarianism, be mandatory. However, the Pali source materials do not encourage vegetarianism and most Buddhists do not practice it. Using research based on ethnographic evidence and interviews, this book discusses this issue by presenting an investigation of vegetarianism and animal ethics within a Buddhist cultural domain.
Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View
Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View
By: Bodhipaksa
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How does what we eat affect us? How does it affect our world? What are the benefits of giving up meat? Is there a connection between vegetarianism and living a spiritual life?
Bodhipaksa is ideally placed to answer these questions. As a trained vet he can reveal the suffering of animals in the farming industry. As a practicing Buddhist he can identify the ethical consequences of inflicting such suffering. Through the Buddhist teaching of interconnectedness he lays bare the effects our eating habits can have upon us, upon animals, and upon the environment.
He concludes that by becoming vegetarian, we can affirm life in a very clear and immediate way,and so experience a greater sense of contenment, harmony and happiness.