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Five Nails
Five Nails: Commentary on the Northern Treasures Accumulation Praxis
By: Tulku Tsurlo
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The Five Nails (tib. gZer lNga) are the Northern Treasures (Byang gTer) accumulation praxis (Ngndro) which has to be practised before the Drubkor Nam Sum (tib. sGrub sKor rNam gSum), which consist of Drowa Kundrol (Gro Ba Kun Grol), the outer sadhana of Chenresig, who frees all beings (tib. Thugs rJe Chen Po Gro Ba Kun Grol), the inner sadhana of Rigdzin Dungdrub (tib. Rig Dzin gDung sGrub) and the secret sadhana of Thug Drub Dragpo Tsal (tib. Thugs sGrub Drag Po rTsal). The Five Nails are also the preparation for the Gongpa Zangthal cycle. Here we have a short commentary on the the accumulation praxis by Tulku Tsurlo, one of the greatest Tibetan scholars of the last century and main teacher of Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and others also known as Tshulthrim Tsangpo.
Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles
Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles: Rog Bande Sherab's Lamp of the Teachings
By: Jose Ignacio Cabezon
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Following the fall of the Tibetan empire and the ensuing "period of fragmentation," the twelfth and thirteenth centuries saw tremendous religious efflorescence in Tibet. Although the Tibetan scholars and adepts of this period continued to draw from the texts and practices of Indian Buddhism, they also began to craft distinctly Tibetan intellectual and spiritual traditions.
Ladakh 1974-2008: A Photographic Homage
Ladakh 1974-2008: A Photographic Homage
Jaroslav Poncar
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Love Letter to the Earth Thich Nhat Hanh
Love Letter to the Earth
By: Thich Nhat Hanh
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"Love Letter to the Earth" is Thich Nhat Hanh's passionate appeal for ecological mindfulness and the strengthening of our relationship to the Earth. While many experts point to the enormous complexity in addressing issues ranging from the destruction of ecosystems to the loss of millions of species, Thich Nhat Hanh identifies one key issue as having the potential to create a tipping point.
Man from Samye
Man from Samye: Longchenpa on Praxis, Its Negation and Liberation
By: Gidi Ifergan
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This study explores the largely unrecognized scholarly and pedagogical
contributions of one of Tibets greatest thinkers, Longchen Rabjampa
(kLong chen rab byams pa 13081364) within the context of what I refer to
as the rhetoric of negation which is the focused and intense critique
of philosophical views and spiritual practices pointing to their
incapability of directly causing liberation. It is a central theme of
his key works The Natural Freedom of Reality (Tibetan title: Chos nyid
rang grol) and A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission: A Commentary
on the Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena (Tibetan
title: Chos dbyings rin po chei mdzod zhes bya bai grel pa) that are
considered closely in the study.
Noble One Called Point of Passage Wisdom
Noble One Called Point of Passage Wisdom, A Great Vehicle Sutra
By: The Word of the Buddha from the Kangyur, translated by Tony Duff and Sergey Dudko
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This book contains a translation of an actual sutra of the Buddha. It is a very short but particularly important sutra from the Great Vehicle teachings given in the third turning of the wheel. The sutra is important for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the five condensed sutras, sutras which sum up the five very large sutras of the Great Vehicle sutras the Avatamsaka, and so on. This sutra sums up the meaning of the major sutra called The Nirvana Sutra in which the Buddha gives many final instructions before passing away. Therefore, it is regarded that the Point of Passage Wisdom sutra teaches final teachings of the Buddha in a very condensed way. This sutra is so important that the early Dharma Kings of Tibet recited it daily.

Precepts of the Dharmakaya
Precepts of the Dharmakaya Translation of The Twenty-One Little Nails
By: John Myrdhin Reynolds
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The root text and its commentary from the Zhang-Zhung Nyan Gyud Advanced Instructions on the Practice of Bonpo Dzogchen According to the Zhang-Zhong Tradition of Tibet.

The teachings of Bon are organized into nine ways, or nine vehicles to enlightenment, the ninth and highest of which is known as Dzogchen, "the Great Perfection." Among the four principal traditions of Bonpo Dzogchen, the oral tradition from the country of Zhang-zhung is of unique importance because it never became a Terma, or hidden treasure text rediscovered long after its original composition. The precepts of Dzogchen were said to have originated with the Primordial Buddha, Kuntu Zangpo, passing down at first through the Direct Mind-to-Mind Transmission and then later through the Oral Transmission of the Twenty-Four Masters