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Among Tibetan Texts
By: Smith, Gene
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History and Literature of the Himalayan Plateau
E. Gene Smith ran the Library of Congress' Tibetan Text Publication Project of the United States Public Law 480 (PL480)- an effort to salvage and reprint the Tibetan literature that had been saved by the exile community or by members of the Tibetan speaking communities of Sikkim, Bhutan , India, and Nepal. Smith wrote prefaces to these reprinted books to help clarify and contextualize the particular Tibetan texts: the prefaces served as rough orientations to a poorly understood body of foreign literature.
Arrow and the Spindle Vol. III
Arrow and the Spindle: Studies in History, Myths, Rituals and Beliefs in Tibet (Vol. III)
By: Samten Karmay
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The first part of this book contains studies of historical documents such as royal decrees of the 10th and 11th centuries A.D.
The second part deals with the history of Bon monastic establishment, the question of codification of the Bon Canonical texts as well as recent discoveries of ancient manuscripts of the Bon tradition that focus on the early Tibetan concepts of ritual practices.
The third part is devoted to a short presentation of a personal letter of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, founder of the modern state of Bhutan and the question of tulku institution in Tibet that had marred Tibetan political unity.
Beyond the Sky and the Earth, A Journey into Bhutan
Jamie Zeppa
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With so many different kinds of meditation available, is it possible to identify one approach as more effective then others? After spending 16 years practicing various types of meditation and several years studying relevant scientific research, writer Marshall Glickman found the answer to that important question is a definitive yes: the sensation-based method of vipassana meditation taught by the Indian/Burmese meditation master S.N. Goenka stands apart.
Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon
By: John Berthold
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In Bhutan, progress is measured in terms of “Gross National Happiness” and Thimphu, the capital city, has no traffic lights. This mesmerizing book captures the beauties of this remote kingdom, the only independent country to support Buddhism as the official state religion. Readers are transported to ancient fortresses and temples, colorful festivals, and religious ceremonies, as well as to isolated communities along the roof of the world. Featuring photographs taken over the course of three years, the book guides readers through areas normally off-limits to Western visitors, and encompasses a wide range of landscape, portrait, and editorial photographs.
Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness
Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness
John Wehrheim
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Tibetan folk songs sometimes sing of beyul "hidden lands" that only those of pure heart and mind can see. Tucked into the towering peaks and steeply forested valleys of the Eastern Himalayas, the Bhutanese believe their country to be such a place.
Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness, DVD
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Imagine a country where happiness is the guiding principle of government. Imagine a people who see all life as sacred and the source of their happiness, a place with an abundance of clean and renewable energy, a nation committed to preserving its culture and whose progress is measured by obtaining Gross National Happiness for its people. Where is this Shangri-La? Bhutan. But can a place like Bhutan really exist? Can such ideals be realized?
Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture   Seiji Kumagai
Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture
By: Seiji Kumagai
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With much of its old socio-cultural identity still
intact, Bhutan attracts interest from many oriental scholars. Bhutan is
also seeing a phenomenal growth in interest from many multi-disciplinary
researchers who are adapting different political and economic
frameworks in trying to understand the unique approach to development in
this country that is best expressed in its national development
philosophy of Gross National Happiness. This concept was first
propounded by the Fourth King, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck who
believed spiritual development and environmental conservation must go
hand in hand with material advancement in the country's journey to
wellbeing and prosperity.
Biography of Pha 'Brug-sgom Zhig-po called The Current of Compassion
By: Yonten Dargye & P.K. Sorensen
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The biography of Pha 'Brug-sgom Zhig-po called the current of compassion; Rdo-rje-gdan-pa Mi-pham-tshe-dban-bstan-dzin ; translated by Yonten Dargye & P.K. Srensen
Thimphu, Bhutan : National Library,
Blaze of Fire in the Dark
Blaze of Fire in the Dark: Vajrakila texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition Volume Three
By: Rig-'dzin rdo-rje (Martin J Boord)
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with a perusal of the historical role of sacrificial and magical fire rituals (homa) in the tantric Buddhist communities of medieval India, this volume presents a
wealth of new texts and translations from the Byang-gter tradition of Tibet.  From the root texts of the wrathful homa
rites of
Vajrakila, revealed as Dharma treasures by Rig-'dzin rgod-ldem in 1366,
this book traces the evolutionary development of these practices in the
light of
innovative ritual strategies taught by important holders of the lineage
over the course of three generations.
Blessings of Bhutan
Blessings of Bhutan
By: Russ and Blyth Carpenter
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Russ and Blyth Carpenter's connection with Bhutan began with a trek and cultural tour in 1996 and quickly expanded into public service projects. They currently lead tours to Bhutan, focusing on the remarkable culture of this unique and independent Buddhist kingdom.
Brilliant Moon (DVD)
Brilliant Moon: Glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (DVD)
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Brilliant Moon: Glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche  chronicles the life
of the writer, poet, and meditation master Khyentse Rinpoche, one of
Tibet's most revered 20th-century Buddhist teachers. Known as the
instructor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Royal Family of
Bhutan, his life and teachings were an inspiration to all who
encountered him. Two of his admirers are Richard Gere and Lou Reed, who
provide the narration for his dangerous journey out of China and the
subsequent spread of his influence around the world.
Buddhist Himalaya
By: Snellgrove, D.L.
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Travels and Studies in Quest of the Origins and Nature of Tibetan Religion
This is a new and improved edition of an early work of the author, first published in 1957. In the preface to this second edition he draws attention to changes in interpretation and perspective which have quite properly taken place over the years, noting in particular comparisons with his Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, published thirty years later in 1987. While bearing in mind such changes, we, nevertheless, quote the original blurb much as it stands.
Buddhist Paintings Coloring Book
Buddhist Paintings Coloring Book
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The twenty-two pictures in this coloring book depict many figures important in Buddhism, from compassionate deities (gods) to humble abbots (heads of monasteries) to wise arhats (disciples of the Buddha entrusted with propagating and protecting Buddhist beliefs). The original artworks are shown on the inside covers. When you color the pictures, you can follow the colors used in the original works or choose your own. The last page of the book is blank, for you to draw your own spiritual guide. Would it be a person from your school or place of worship? Or perhaps an imaginary being who watches out for you?

Chronicles of Love and Death: My Years with the Lost Spiritual King of Bhutan
Chronicles of Love and Death: My Years with the Lost Spiritual King of Bhutan
By: Norma Levine
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This is a true story of a spiritual journey and the incredible but all too human love between a Western woman and a high reincarnate lama, the spiritual king of Bhutan. It is neither biography nor autobiography. It is a play that arose and disappeared like an illusion; a magical display of comedy and tragedy, history, romance, and transcendence.

Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medicinal Plants Volume 2<br>By: Doctor Dawa
Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medicinal Plants Volume 2
By: Doctor Dawa
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The book is a botanical painting of medicinal plants that illustrates 152 medicinal plants. It shows Tibetan names, its synonym for correct identification, botanical names, and classification of Materia Medica, additional characteristics and its morphology. It also explains the period of collection, method of processing, the range of habitat and altitude of the plants grown all over, including Tibet, the Himalayan belts and Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and India. The parts used in Tibetan medicine, its taste, nature and its uses.
Cup (DVD)
By: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
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As the living heir to the Khyentse lineage, Khyentse Norbu exemplifies a non-sectarian spirit. His rigorous training in the Buddhist classical tradition, mixed with a deep interest in the film medium, makes him one of the most provocative interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism today. In keeping with his lineage, he has sought to bridge both old and new, and east and west. Authenticity in The Cup was paramount for Khyentse Norbu, and he chose Chokling Monastery, situated in a Tibetan refugee settlement nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, as the main location for the film.
Dalai Lama's Secret
Dalai Lama's Secret and Other Reporting Adventure: Stories from a Cold War Correspondent
By: Henry Bradsher
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For over a quarter of a century, award-winning journalist Henry Bradsher reported stories from around the world. In this lively and engaging account, Bradsher recounts episodes from a distinguished career that took him to the Himalayas, the jungles of Bhutan, Kremlin caviar receptions, China s Forbidden City, and the battlefields of Vietnam.
Dance of Great Bliss
Dance of Great Bliss: Long Life Prayer Book of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche
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Bound in deep blue silk and dedicated to Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso. Following the format of the two previous volumes, opposite the title page is a smiling photo of him and the title, Dance of Great Bliss. Following the prayers for his long life is the chapter on Life and Liberation. There are early photographs from Buxsar, India where he studied after leaving Tibet; with the Sixteenth Karmapa in Europe; with the previous and present Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche; with Tenga Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche, and the previous Kalu Rinpoche; teaching his students Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche and Ponlop Rinpoche in Nepal and also in Sikkim many years ago at Karma Shri Nalanda Institute, the shedra at the Karmapas monastery in Rumtek.
Divine Madman
By: Dowman Keith, tr.
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This is the "secret biography" of one of Tibet's foremost saints, the Buddha Drukpa Kunley. Appearing in the spiritual lineage established by Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa, Drukpa Kunley was recognized as an incarnation of the great Mahasiddha, Saraha. He is greatly loved by the people of Tibet as a "Crazy Wise" teacher and enlightened Master whose outrageous behavior and ribald humor were intended to awaken common people and yogis alike from the sleep of religious dogmatism and egoic self-possession.
Divine Madman: The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley
By: Dowman Keith, tr.
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This is the "secret biography" of one of Tibet's foremost saints, the Buddha Drukpa Kunley. Appearing in the spiritual lineage established by Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa, Drukpa Kunley was recognized as an incarnation of the great Mahasiddha, Saraha. He is greatly loved by the people of Tibet as a "Crazy Wise" teacher and enlightened Master whose outrageous behavior and ribald humor were intended to awaken common people and yogis alike from the sleep of religious dogmatism and egoic self-possession.
Dragon's Gift
Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan
Edited by Dr. Stephen Little
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The Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan is the catalog of one of the most highly anticipated exhibitions of Buddhist art in recent years. The Honolulu Academy of Arts, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Little, spent nearly three years of ambitious fieldwork and research in Bhutan. The exhibition will open in Honolulu on February 23, 2008 before embarking on a two-year worldwide tour.
Drokpa: Nomads of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya
By: Daniel J. Miller
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Drokpa is a stunning portrait of the nomads of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya. Once widespread throughout the world, nomadic cultures are vanishing. High and remote, the grazing lands of Tibet and adjoining areas of Bhutan, India and Nepal still support nomads and their livestock.
Encyclopaedia of Bhutanese Buddhism
Encyclopaedia of Bhutanese Buddhism (5 volumes)
Edited By: Dr. Raman Singh and Dr. Siya Mishra Haldhar
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Volume 1, 296 pages: Mahayana Buddhism in Bhutan
Volume 2, 296 pages: Monasticism in Bhutanese Buddhism
Volume 3, 288 pages: Doctrine of Bhutanese Buddhism
Volume 4, 296 pages: Schools of Bhutanese Buddhism
Volume 5, 296 pages: Traditions of Bhutanese Buddhism
Fortress Monasteries of the Himalayas: Tibet, Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan
By: Peter Harrison
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Buddhism has been influential in the mountain kingdoms of the Himalayas since the 7th century AD, most notably in the kingdom of Tibet where it permeated all aspects and levels of society until the 20th century. From the 9th-century AD onwards, the secular rulers of Tibet sought to extend their influence, and that of Buddhism, throughout the region. To this end, huge stone and mud-brick fortifications, known as dzongs, were constructed to dominate the secular landscape, while massive Buddhist monasteries dominated the religious - both following a very specific style of Tibetan architecture. It has been estimated that as many as 3,000 monasteries were built along with 200 dzongs.
Textile Arts of Bhutan
From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Textile Arts of Bhutan
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Bhutanese textiles are among the last of the major arts of Asia to gain recognition in the West, and this is the first book to present this outstanding art form in its cultural and historical context. Bhutan's textiles, especially the intricate brocades and complex supplementary-warp patterns, are unmatched anywhere in the world. This art, with a steadily growing and devoted following in the West and Japan, has become Bhutan's most powerful emblem abroad.
Garuda in Asian Art
By: Yamamoto and Sharma
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Garuda in Asian Art is a joint work of E. Yamamoto and D.P. Sharma. This pictorial book deals with the introduction, deals with the introduction, Iconography of Garuda, Garuda in inscriptions in Ancient literature, Garuda pillars, Garuda in ritual Altars, Garuda in Art and Motif, Garuda on Coins and Seals. Garuda in Bronzes and Garuda in Tantra. This also deals with Garuda or Eagle abroad, Garuda in India, Nepal and Bhutan and Garuda in living tradition in South-East Asia. In the last part there is photographic documentation of Garuda in Asian Art. The concept of bird and snakes was born in Mesopotamia around 2500 B.C. Garuda or Suparna, the celestical bird was known in the Rig Vedic Age or Early Harappan period (3500-3000 B.C.). This book is an attempt to manifest how and when the idea of Garuda originated and the idea has been discussed.
Gypsy Gossip and Other Advice
Gypsy Gossip and Other Advice
By: Thinley Norbu Rinpoche
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This book contains the direct counsel and imperishable wisdom speech of Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, one of the great realized Nyingma masters of our age. Many problems arise when modern values clash with the precious teachings of the Buddha. Western Dharma students are faced with obstacles born of materialism, attachment to self, and resistance to traditional doctrines like karma, rebirth, and devotion to the Guru, while Asian students under the influence of modernity risk succumbing to foreign nihilistic beliefs, the neglect of their own unique heritage, and sectarian conflicts between indigenous lineages. The four teachings assembled here address these troubles in different ways, which are united by the powerful quality of Rinpoche’s voice as a writer and his ability to inspire deep faith that leads to the rekindling of Buddha nature and the flourishing of the Buddha Dharma through learning and practice with reverence and belief.
Heart of the Buddha (A Novel)
By: Elsie Sze
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When Marian, an earnest romantic and idealist, goes missing in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, her prim and pragmatic twin sister, Ruthie, journeys from Canada to search for her. When Ruthie uncovers Marian's passion for a Bhutanese monk and her hazardous trek over a mountain pass to Tibet, she fears the worst. And those fears only intensify when a sinister Tibetan reveals that he is also in pursuit of Marian. As the sisters struggle to reach each other, they must overcome the demands of their own hearts and spirits.
Himalaya, Michael Palin (DVD)
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Hot on the heels of his adventures in the Sahara, Michael Palin takes on the abode of snow and begins a 2000-mile journey across this mighty and majestic region of Asia. Encountering extremes of wealth and poverty, altitude and freezing cold, he once again brings his unique wit, charm and wisdom to each episode. Along the way he encounters, among many others, the Dalai Lama, the Bhutanese Royal Family and the once feared head hunting tribe of the Konyak.
Himalaya: The Secret of the Golden Tara
Himalaya: The Secret of the Golden Tara
By: Dieter Glogowski
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It all started with a letter from Ladakh: an old monk asked his friend Dieter Glogowski to locate the Golden Tara, the gilded statue of a goddess important in Tibetan Buddhism and which had been lost during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Glogowski accepted the challenge and set off on an adventure that would take him from Tibet to Bhutan, Sikkim and Kailash. The long sojourn also became an inner journey. The author's vivid account and fascinating photographs guide us on this exciting quest to uncover the secret of the Golden Tara.
Himalayan Art
Himalayan Art
By: Madanjeet Singh
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A Unesco Art Book
The unique and fascinating artistic heritage of the Himalayan regions is still virtually unknown to the general reader. The northern mountain regions of the Indian subcontinent abound in treasures of religious and mythological art of astounding beauty. The wall paintings and sculptures of the temples and monasteries, many of them thousands of years old, represent a commentary on the changing forms and influences in Indian art, here distilled, refined and preserved in the isolation of the mountain valleys and plateaus.
Himalayan Mysteries
By: Thomas L. Kelly, et al.
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Myth, magic and mountains merge in the mighty Himalaya. For nearly 2,500 kilometers, a wondrous terrain unfolds: a shaman dances in the frenzy of possession while a five-year-old Buddhist reincarnate plays with his sword: skulls lurk beneath a frozen lake while strange footprints come to sight amid the snows: a young virgin becomes a goddess even as another unites with her in death: a monastery hangs precariously to edges of sheer rock, but a flower used for worship and healing peeps out boldly. And, always there are the gods, the demons and at least one respectable ghost for company.
Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure
Himalayas: An Aesthetic Adventure
By: Pratapaditya Pal, Amy Heller
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This sweeping survey of the artistic achievements of Himalayan culture is the first major exhibition to include objects from all the major religions of the region. Created to accompany the landmark art exhibition that will include almost two hundred of the finest works of art created between the sixth and nineteenth centuries in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, this book explores the particular beauty that evolved from the spiritual traditions unique to the Himalayas. Lavishly illustrated with many rarely seen images, Himalayas conveys the spiritual aspirations of those who defied the physical hardships of an arduous mountain terrain to express their soaring creative spirit.
History of Bhutan
By: Karma Phuntsho
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In recent years, the remote kingdom of Bhutan has increasingly attracted the attention of the world. In 2008, it emerged as the worlds youngest democracy and in the same year crowned the worlds youngest monarch. This was followed by the new Kings colourful wedding in 2011. Today, it continues to enchant the rest of the world with its policy of Gross National Happiness and has become a very popular destination for travel. But, despite its growing popularity and the rising scholarly interest in the country, Bhutan remains one of the most poorly studied places on earth.
In Search of the Thunder Dragon
By: Sophie and Romio Shrestha
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In Search of the Thunder Dragon brings to life the beauty and traditions of Bhutan, and weaves together ancient legends and storytelling to create spectacular Thunder Dragons that play hide-and-seek in the clouds during big winter storms. Beautifully illustrated with lush art in the tradition of Tibetan painting, young Amber and her cousin Tashi long see the Thunder Dragons, and they set off on a journey of discovery that takes them from an elaborate monastery to the top of the mountains, a place called the Tiger's Nest. The children visit a lama, face fears and ultimately soar on the back of a tiger with eagles wings in pursuit of the elusive and ominous Thunder Dragons pursuing their dream.
In the Shadow of the Himalayas: Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim: A Photographic Record by John Claude White 1883-1908
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John Claude White (1853-1918) was a civil engineer by education, a colonial administrator by profession, and a photographer by vocation. His photographs of the Himalayas were taken from 1883-1908. He spent twenty-one years based in Gangtok, Sikkim as the first British political officer overseeing the British interests in Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet.
Indo-Tibetan Studies
By: Tadeusz Skorupski, editor
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A volume of articles by leading scholars on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and culture, in honor of professor David Snellgrove's contribution to the field. The second issue includes twenty-four articles on topics related to Indo-Tibetan culture, literature, medicine, and other subjects.
King of the Empty Plain
King of the Empty Plain: The Tibetan Iron-Bridge Builder Tangtong Gyalpo
By: Cyrus Stearns
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The legendary Buddhist master Tangtong Gyalpo (1361?-1485), "King of the Empty Plain," is familiar to every Tibetan, yet nearly unknown in the rest of the world. His incredible lifespan, profound teachings, unprecedented engineering feats, eccentric deeds, and creation of Tibetan opera have earned this fascinating figure a unique status in Tibetan culture.  Believed to be the great Indian master Padmasambhava appearing again in the world to benefit living beings, Tangtong Gyalpo discovered techniques for achieving longevity that are still being in highest esteem and frequently taught six hundred years later.
Kyichu Lhakang: The Sacred Jewel of Bhutan
Kyichu Lhakang: The Sacred Jewel of Bhutan
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The book, Kyichu Lhakhang: The Sacred Jewel of Bhutan, illuminates and documents the spiritual importance, inspiring artistry and rich history of this sacred temple, which is the pride of Bhutan. The book was compiled to enable both Buddhist pilgrims and ordinary visitors to appreciate fully the significance of Kyichu Lhakhang as a sanctuary with an enduring role in sustaining spiritual life in the face of modem challenges.

This book is dedicated to Her Majesty the royal Grandmother of Bhutan. Ashi Kesang Choeden Wangchuck on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of her birth. The book honors her brilliant example of enduring contributions and steadfast commitment to the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Lands of the Thunderbolt
By: Lord Ronaldshay
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The countries described in this charming travel-book are situated in the Eastern Himalayas, on the northern borders of Bengal...The President of the Royal Geographical Society is an artist with his pen, as well as a scientific explorer and a famous administrator, and his descriptions of the scenery...are vivid and well-composed pictures...This is indeed a wonderful travel book, for not only does it take us to landscapes as strange as the Moon's may be, but also explores the highest altitudes attained by man's winged will. The thunderbolt is known in the Himalayas as the Vajra or Dorje. It is an unusual elongated bell-shaped vessel whose configuration belies its strength in the hearts of the Himalayan people.
Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa
Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa
By: Sarah Harding
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A pithy collection from the discoveries of Pema Lingpa (1450-1521), the great master and teasure-revealer of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Also included is the life story of Pema Lingpa and his prior incarnations. These revealed treasures provide us with a window into the court of the Tibet's great king, Trisong Detsen, and his sublime master and receive from him quintessential instructions on meditation and the mind.
Life of Longchenpa The Omniscient Dharma King of the Vast Expanse
Life of Longchenpa The Omniscient Dharma King of the Vast Expanse
By: Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
Sale Price: $19.96
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Compiled from numerous Tibetan and Bhutanese sources, including Longchenpa's autobiography and stories of his previous lives and subsequent rebirths, The Life of Longchenpa weaves an inspiring and captivating tale of wonder and magic, of extraordinary visions and spiritual insight, set in the kingdoms of fourteenth-century Tibet and Bhutan. It also reveals for the first time fascinating details of his ten years of self-exile in Bhutan, stories that were unknown to his Tibetan biographers. The first complete English-language life story of Longchenpa (1308-1364), one of the greatest masters in the history of Tibetan Buddhism
Luminous Mind
Luminous Mind: The Way of the Buddha
By: Kalu Rinpoche
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Comparing Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche with Milarepa, the greatest meditation master Tibet has ever known, His Holiness the Dalai Lama extols the author of Luminous Mind as a "beacon of inspiration" for spiritual practitioners of all traditions. Noting that "there have been few like him before or since," His Holiness urges us to delve into this remarkable anthology of the late Kalu Rinpoche's essential instructions so that we may encounter "the full range of Buddhist practice from the basic analysis of the nature of the mind up to its ultimate refinement in the teachings of Mahamudra."
Manjushri: An Exhibition of Rare Thangkas
By: Acarya Ngawang Samten
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Hidden from public gaze, shrouded in mystery, inaccessible and unknown lies a vast treasure of creative expression in the monasteries of the Himalayan ranges. They extend from Gilgit, Ladakh, Zanskar, Guge to Sikkim, Bhutan and beyond the snows are the monasteries of Tibet. An unbroken, rich and varied tradition unfolds itself on walls as mural paintings, as terracotta and stucco and bronze in votive objects, and above all in Thankas. The monasteries of Ladakh may not have the antiquity of Tibetan monasteries, but are today the most important and valuable monastic institutions, which represent the symbosis of the Tibetan, Central Asian and Indian traditions.
Mapping the Tibetan World
By:Yukiyasu Osada & Atsushi Kanamaru
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This extraordinary new budget guide to the Tibetan world comes with over 280 tried and tested maps covering the entire region. These will take you on a tour of the Jokhang or the Potala Palace in the sacred city of Lhasa or travel with you as you tackle the ultimate pilgrimage to sacred Mt. Kailash, source of Asia's great rivers.
Marvellous Gem of Veneration Biography of Tenzin Legpai Dondrub
By: Gelong Tenzin Chogyal
Our Price: $30.00
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Gen Lamrimpa's Blaze of Quotations and Logic is a text written in the classical Tibetan style of scholarly works and outlines the important teaching on the Four Seals. The four Seals are that all composite products are impermanent, all that is contaminated is suffering, aggregates are devoid of a self, and passing beyond suffering is peace. Includes the Tibetan text.
Masks of the Himalayas
Masks of the Himalayas
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Mysterious, sacred, and unusual, the masks of the Himalayas only became  accessible to collectors following the opening  up of Nepal in the 1960's.   Covering the entire area from Ladakh to Indian Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, and Tibet, this publication presents a complete panorama of masks from this part of the world. Masks of the Himalayas highlights pieces of rare quality and sheds new light on this enchanting art through 143 extraordinary pieces from private collections and internationally renowned institutions.
Memoirs of a Political Officer's Wife in Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan
By: Williamson, Margaret D.
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Margaret Marshall had known Frederick Williamson for much of her life but it wasn't until the English summer of 1932, when he was home on leave from India, that they met again and fell in love. Less then a year later she joined him in the Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim, where he was now Political Officer for that region, and they were married. "Derrick," writes Mrs Williamson, "belongs to that rare and happy breed who are lucky enough to find their true vocation in life." He loved his job as a representative of the British Imperial Government to these ancient Buddhist kingdoms, and he loved their people and way of life. And she quickly fell into step with him.
Message of the Tibetans  Arnaud Desjardins
Message of the Tibetans (DVD)
By: Arnaud Desjardins
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Arnaud Desjardins met His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the first time in 1963, and gained his support to shoot these films. All the most revered masters agreed to participate in the making of these films: The Dalai Lama in person, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche, H.H. the XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa, Dugpa Tupse Rinpoche, the yogis Lopon Sonam Zangpo and Abo Rinpoche, Tai Situ Rinpoche... and many other eminent masters. Filmed in India, Sikkim and Bhutan by Arnaud Desjardins in consultation with Sonam Topgey Kazi, the senior interpreter to the Dalai Lama at that time.
Monk Dancers of Tibet
By: Matthieu Ricard
Our Price: $29.95
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In the midst of the devastation that has been wrought on their culture, the monk dancers in the Shechen Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, are devoted to preserving the sacred dances central to the Tantric tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The dances, which originated in India and flourished for centuries in Tibet, are teaching stories - each mask, costume, movement, and gesture has a specific significance and embodies the values of Buddhism. The monks' spiritual gift to the lay community.
Nado Poizokhang Incense (Bhutanese)
Our Price: $10.00
Members Price: $9.00

9" long, about 25 sticks
Narratives of Sangay Chezom and Jalue Repa: Bhutanese Texts Translated
Narratives of Sangay Chezom and Jalue Repa: Bhutanese Texts Translated
By: Tshering Gyeltshen Kharchungpa
Our Price: $30.00

The main focus of this published book is the English rendering of a rare manuscript written in simple classical Dzongche or Tibetan. the text contains the narratives of the nineteenth century Eastern Bhutanese woman Sangay Chezom, who shares and describes extraordinary experiences of her life with the readers. the translation work presents the strange encounters in her early life that had occurred in the form of near death experiences marked by spiritual journeys and dialogues that were exchanged between her and her spiritual guide.
Pandita and the Siddha: Tibetan Studies in Honor of E. Gene Smith
By: Ramon N. Prats (Editor)
Our Price: $33.00

Contributed articles on diverse topics of Tibetan studies in honor of Tibetologist Ellis Gene Smith.
Play of the Omniscient : Life and Works of Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltsen, An Eminent 17th-18th Century Drukpa Master
By: Yonten Dargye, Per K. Sorensen & Gyonpo Tshering
Our Price: $35.00
Members Price: $31.50

Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltsen (1647-1732) left an enduring legacy in numerous fields relating to religious arts, crafts and ritual practices. He lived through the turbulent era that marked Bhutan's faltering steps towards statehood, and the saga of his own life, encompassing changes of circumstance, adventures, and changes of fortune, can be read also as the saga of Bhutan.

Raven Crown: The Origins of Buddhist Monarchy in Bhutan
By: Michael Aris
Our Price: $60.00
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The hereditary monarchy of the Wangchuk dynasty was established in 1907 in the independent Himalayan state of Bhutan, thus introducing one of the world's most recent experiments in kingship. The new order quickly replaced a theocracy founded in the seventeenth century by the first of the "Dharma Rajas", a lineage of reincarnating lamas known by the title of Shabdrung.
Sacred Chants and Tibetan Rituals from the Monastery of Mirik<br> By: Bokar Rinpoche
Sacred Chants and Tibetan Rituals from the Monastery of Mirik
By: Bokar Rinpoche
Our Price: $18.00
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Unaccompanied singing, Tibetan bowls, & field recordings from mountainsides & rivers high in the Himalayas. Matches soundtrack to Guy Maezelle's film: Bokar Rinpoche: Meditation Master. Includes French and English liner notes.
Sacred Landscape of the Himalayas
Our Price: $85.00
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Where the mountains can be gods it seems obvious to talk about the sacredness of landscape: The proceedings of an international seminar at Heidelberg in May 1998 present nine case studies covering the entire range of the Himalaya, from Ladakh and Garhwal in India, to Humla and Mustang in Nepal as well as Bhutan. The focus is on space-related architectural and/or anthropological analysis of the built environment and its location in landscape û a term that denotes the uniqueness and singularity of a certain place. The presented cases document how on various scales territories are identified with protective deities, a quality that needs ritual renewal through processions and physical acts like colouring.
Sacred Landscapes
Sacred Landscapes
By: Daniel Miller
Our Price: $45.00
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Sacred Landscapes is a photographic essay of the hallowed landscape of Nepal, Bhutan, the Tibetan areas of what is now the People's Republic of China, and northern India.
Sacred Spaces and Powerful Places in Tibetan Culture
By: Huber, Toni
Our Price: $25.00
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The essays in this volume all attempt to document and interpret ways in which Tibetan peoples have identified and related to different categories of space and place as being unique or of higher ontological value, and as being set apart from many other spheres and sites of human life. The authors present data from the high Tibetan plateau, but also from sites and peoples in what are now parts of modern Bhutan, Nepal, Sichuan, Qinghai, North India and other areas where related languages, cultures and a shared sense of origin and history can be identified as manifestly "Tibetan."

Sacred Spaces and Powerful Places in Tibetan Culture, Toni Huber, ed.
Secret Sky: The Ancient Tantras on Vajrasattvas Magnificent Sky
Secret Sky: The Ancient Tantras on Vajrasattva's Magnificent Sky
By: Christopher Wilkinson
Our Price: $34.99

The Tantras of Vajrasattva’s Magnificent Sky, also known as the Unfailing Royal Insignia, come to us in manuscript traditions, books copied through the centuries, from Tibet and Bhutan. The texts are translations attributed to Vairochana, a famous translator of the eighth century, a Tibetan who went to India in search of the literature on instantaneous enlightenment, found it, and brought it back to Tibet.
Seeds of Faith
Seeds of Faith: A Comprehensive Guide to the Sacred Places of Bhutan, Vol. 1
Our Price: $60.00
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This first volume in the "seeds of faith" trilogy presents comprehensive information on 80 sacred sites, 194 monasteries and temples, and numerous other places of special religious and historical significance such as 58 holy lakes and 94 sacred springs in 5 western districts of Bhutan. It outlines physical details and delves into the religious significance, history and local legends behind these sacred sites. Thus, in its own unique way, this is as much a book for the devout pilgrim as it is for the discerning researcher, the erudite history scholar, the curious tourist, the cautious environmentalist and the caring exponent of Bhutanese culture.
So Close to Heaven
So Close to Heaven
By: Barbara Crossette
Our Price: $15.00
Members Price: $13.50

The Vanishing Buddhist Kingdoms of the Himalayas
For more than a thousand years Tibet, Sikkim, Ladakh, and Bhutan were the santuaries of Tantric Buddhism. But in the last half of this century, geopolitics has scoured the landscape of the Himalayas, and only the reclusive kingdom of Bhutan remains true to Tantric Buddhism.
Spirit of Tibet: Journey to Enlightenment, the Life and World of Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche (DVD)
Our Price: $29.95
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An intimate glimpse into the life and world of one of Tibet's most revered teachers: Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991). A writer, poet and meditation master, Khyentse Rinpoche was an inspiration to all who encountered him. His many students throughout the world included the Dalai Lama. This unique portrait tells Khyentse Rinpoche's story from birth to death.
A Splendid Isolation
Splendid Isolation: Lessons on Happiness from the Kingdom of Bhutan
By: Madeline Drexler
Our Price: $7.99
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What does Bhutan understand about happiness that the rest of the world does not? Award-winning journalist and author Madeline Drexler recently traveled to this Himalayan nation to discover how the audacious policy known as Gross National Happiness plays out in a fast-changing society where Buddhism is deeply rooted - but where the temptations and collateral damage of materialism are rising. Her reported essay blends lyrical travelogue, cultural history, personal insights, and provocative conversations with top policymakers, activists, bloggers, writers, artists, scholars, religious leaders, students, and ordinary citizens in many walks of life. This book is sure to fascinate readers interested in travel, Buddhism, progressive politics, and especially the study and practice of happiness..
Tai Situpa, 12th ,  Pema Tonyo Nyinje
Tai Situpa, 12th , Pema Tonyo Nyinje

The twelfth Tai Situpa,  Pema Tonyo Nyinje was born in 1954, in the Tibetan year of the Male Wood Horse. He was born in the Palpul district of Dege, Eastern Tibet, to a farming family by the name of Liu. His birth was accompanied by the auspicious signs that are associated with the birth of a high incarnated lama, including the recognition of his birth by the sixteenth Karmapa.
Three Long Life Prayer Book of Thrangu Rinpoche, Tenga Rinpoche, and Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche
Three Long Life Prayer Book of Thrangu Rinpoche, Tenga Rinpoche, and Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche
Our Price: $75.00
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For Thrangu Rinpoche, the book is covered in red silk and carries his
picture on the cover. The book is entitled Ocean of Philosophy, and
facing the title page is a photograph of him with the Karmapa, all
surrounded by monks. The following page has a photograph of Thrangu
Rinpoche and the encomium in Tibetan, followed on the next pages by
translations into English and Chinese, which are provided for all the
words of the book.
Tibet and Her Neighbours
Tibet and Her Neighbours
By: Alex McKay
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Tibet has developed a unique culture in harmony with life in the harsh environment of the "Roof of the World"--the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayan mountain chain. While geographical isolation from European eyes led to its being seen by Westerners as a mysterious and otherworldly place, Tibet historically enjoyed a distinct identity among the community of nations in South and Central Asia.
Tibetan Medicine
By: Dash, Vaidya
Our Price: $17.50
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Tibetan Medicine with special reference to Yoga Sataka by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash, now in its third reprint, has become an authoritative source of reference for both the students and the specialists of the discipline.  Dr. dash, the author himself is an authority on both Ayurvedic and the Tibetan system of medicine.
Tibetan Ritual
Tibetan Ritual
By: Jose Ignacio Cabezon
Sale Price: $17.97
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Ritual is one of the most pervasive religious phenomena in the Tibetan
cultural world. Despite its ubiquity and importance to Tibetan cultural
life, however, only in recent years has Tibetan ritual been given the
attention it deserves. This is the first scholarly collection to focus
on this important subject. Unique in its historical, geographical, and
disciplinary breadth, this book brings together eleven essays by an
international cast of scholars working on ritual texts, institutions,
and practices in the greater Tibetan cultural world - Tibet, Nepal,
Bhutan, and Mongolia.
Tibetan Trinity: Life, Death, Time
Tibetan Trinity: Life, Death, Time (2 DVD set)
By: Vladan Mijatovic Zivojnov
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Film starts in Sikkim near Darjeeling at Sonoda monastery, the seat of His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche, who in his previous incarnation was revered as one of most realized masters of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and who worked tirelessly on spreading the nonsectarian Tibetan Buddha Dharma in Europe, USA and around the world. This part of the film is a close up record of first appearances of new incarnation of Kalu Rinpoche, recognized in a 2-year-old boy, ceremonies of making the Mandala, with crown on the throne and a very special visit of His Holiness Sakya Trizin Rinpoche who, for this rare occasion, bestowed Manjushri initiation.
Travellers & Magicians, DVD
By: Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
Sale Price: $23.99
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Khyentse Norbu's follow-up to his audience favorite THE CUP is the first feature film ever shot in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. One of Himalayan Buddhism's most revered lamas, Khyentse (aka Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche) weaves parallel fable-like tales about two men who seek to escape their mundane lives in TRAVELLERS & MAGICIANS. Young government official Dondup dreams of escaping to America while stuck in a ravishingly beautiful but isolated village. When the first chance arrives, he immediately heads for town and an awaiting visa, but things don't go quite as planned.
Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan
Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan
By: Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk
Our Price: $19.95

A captivating blend of personal memoir, history, folklore and travelogue, this book remains the most insightful and comprehensive portrait of the Himalayan kingdom. This revised edition has been updated to cover recent events, such as Bhutans introduction of parliamentary democracy, and the coronation and wedding of the new king. With beautiful illustrations, and rare photographs from the royal familys personal albums.
Wisdom of the Mountains: Buddhism of Tibet and the Himalaya
Wisdom of the Mountains: Buddhism of Tibet and the Himalaya
Our Price: $45.00
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A comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of Buddhism, how it specifically evolved in Tibet and the Himalaya, and how it is practiced today in Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan.

This is a good introduction for the general public, and travelers to the region, including the many trekkers who now venture into these parts. The book avoids the overtly religious or academic tone found in some other texts on the subject. It is abundantly illustrated, with over three hundred photographs, annotated images and maps.
Women of Buddha: Nuns in Bhutan
Women of Buddha: Nuns in Bhutan
By: Marie Veno Thesbjerg
Sale Price: $39.20
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Buddhist nuns in Bhutan, high up in the Himalayas, far away from Western realities and ideals. A really different and thought-provoking life.
 "It has been such a privilege to look into a new world. The women embraced me with curiosity and let me interview them, take pictures and be part of their everyday-life. They opened my heart to their life and practice, and I hope the book reflects the peace, harmony and joy I have met in this simple, meaningful way of life."
Words Of My Perfect Teacher, DVD, Featuring Dzongsar Khyentse Norbu
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Dzongsar Khyentse Norbu is one of the world's great Buddhist masters, but he is not your typical teacher. He is a cell-phone toting soccer-obsessed monk and film director whose feature films The Cup andTravellers and Magicians have been resounding international successes. This is a poignant, often hilarious tale of students who follow Khyentse Norbu - a teacher who defies convention.
Yangsi: A Coming of Age Story Set Between Two Worlds
Yangsi: For the Young Yangsi, Reincarnation is Just the Beginning
Our Price: $24.95
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Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche is the incarnation of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, who passed away in 1991 at the age of 81. Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche was born in Nepal on June 30,1993. When Khyentse Rinpoche passed away, his close students requested Trulshik Rinpoche, his most senior and accomplished disciple, to find his incarnation. He had numerous dreams and visions that clearly indicated the identity of the incarnation. His Holiness the Dalai Lama confirmed that this child was the tulku (or reincarnation) of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.
Yeshe Tsogyal Digital Print
Yeshe Tsogyal Digital Print 8.4 x 11.7 inch by Robert Beer
Our Price: $12.95
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Yeshe Tsogyal
unmatted print: $12.95
matted print: $17.95

Zangdok Palri The Lotus Light Palace of Guru Rinpoche
Zangdok Palri: The Lotus Light Palace of Guru Rinpoche, Visions of the Buddhist Paradise in the Sacred Kingdom of Bhutan
Our Price: $150.00
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Zangdok Palri, the Glorious Copper-Colored Mountain, is the manifestation of the celestial paradise of Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava, the "Second Buddha"; of TIbetan Buddhism and great tantric master who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet. Atop this mountain lies the majestic Lotus Light Palace, filled with the light of wisdom. True devotees of Guru Rinpoche consider Zangdok Palri the ultimate paradise--a place of peace, joy and pure blessings. Inspired by this sacred and enlightened realm, a source of wish-fulfilling blessings, prayers are sung, paintings created, and temples built. This book is the first showcase of visual interpretations of Zangdok Palri in the Kingdom of Bhutan.