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Machig Labdron and the Foundation of Chod
Machig Labdron and the Foundation of Chod
By: Edou Jerome
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This translation of the most famous biography of Machig Labdron, founder of the unique Mahamudra Chod tradition, is presented together with a comprehensive overview of Chod's historical and doctrinal origins in Indian Buddhism, and its subsequent transmission to Tibet.
Machig Labdron is popularly considered to be both a dakini and a deity, an emanation of Yum Chenmo or Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of the wisdom of the buddhas. Historically, this Tibetan woman, a contemporary of Milarepa, was an adept, an outstanding teacher, a mother and the founder of a unique transmission lineage known as the Chod of Mahamudra.
Chod refers to cutting through the grasping at a self and its attendant emotional afflictions. Most famous for its teaching on transforming the aggregates into an offering of food for demons as a compassionate act of self sacrifice, Chod aims to free the mind from all fear and to arouse realization of its true nature, primordially clear bliss and emptiness.
Machik's Complete Explanation
Machik's Complete Explanation: Clarifying the Meaning of Chod
By: Sarah Harding, tr.
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Fear, anger, and negativity are states that each of us have to contend with. Machik's Complete Explanation, the most famous book of the teachings of Machik Labdron, the great female saint and yogini of 11th-12th century Tibet, addresses these issues in a practical, direct way. This valuable text is now finally translated in its entirety into English.
Machik developed a system, the Mahamudra Chod, that takes the Buddha's teachings as a basis and applies them to the immediate experiences of negative mind states and malignant forces. Her unique female approach is to invoke and nurture the very "demons" that we fear and hate, transforming those reactive emotions into love. It is the tantric version of developing compassion and fearlessness, a radical method of cutting through ego-fixation.