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Enlightened Living
Enlightened Living; Enlightened Living Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Masters
By: Tulku Thondup
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Enlightened Living Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Masters
This collection of translated writings addresses the issue of engaging in secular life with Buddhist intentions. It includes practical advice by the great Tibetan teachers such as Patrul Rinpoche and Jigme Lingpa. Combining folktales and poetry, their teachings pieces impart the essence of spirituality in a pithy, direct fashion.
Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher
Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher
By: Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang
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This guide provide readers with essential background information for studying and practicing with Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My Perfect Teacher - the text that has more for more than a century served as the reliable sourcebook to the spiritual practices common to all the amjor schools of Tibetan Buddhism. By offering chapter-by-chapter commentary on this renowned text, Khenpo Pelzang provides a fresh perspective on the role of the teacher, the stages of the path, the view of the Three Jewels, Madhyamika, the basis of transcendent wisdom, and more.

Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones
Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones
By: Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Patrul Rinpoche
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In this book two great Tibetan Buddhist masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries challenge us to critically examine our materialistic preoccupations and think carefully about how we want to spend the rest of our lives. At the same time, they provide practical guidance in following the Buddhist path, starting from the most basic motivation and culminating in the direct experience of reality beyond the reach of conceptual mind.
Lion's Gaze: A Commentary on Tsig Sum Nedek
By: Palden Sherab Rinpoche and Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
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A commentary on Tsig Sum Nedek

A commentary by the Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and the Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche on The Special Teaching of the Wise and Glorious Sovereign by Patrul Rinpoche and The Three Words that Strike the Crucial Point by Vidyadhara Garab Dorje.
Nature of Mind: The Dzogchen Instructions of Aro Yeshe Jungne
Nature of Mind: The Dzogchen Instructions of Aro Yeshe Jungne
By: Patrul Rinpoche
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Patrul Rinpoche's collection of the Dzogchen teachings of Aro Yeshe Jungne illuminated by practical meditation instructions that can be applied on-the-go in daily life by students of all backgrounds.
Songs of Spiritual Experience: Tibetan Buddhist Poems of Insight & Awakening
By: Jinpa / Elsner
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Here is the first major anthology of Tibetan spiritual poetry available
in the West. Songs of Spiritual Experience offers newly translated works
from all the traditions and schools of Tibetan Buddhism, spanning from
the eleventh to the twentieth century. Compiled and translated by
Thupten Jinpa, one of the Dalai Lama's principal translators, and Jas
Elsner, Songs of Spiritual Experience serves both as an introduction to
Tibetan poetry and to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.
Words of My Perfect Teacher
By: Patrul Rinpoche
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For more than a century, The Words of My Perfect Teacher has served as a guide to the spiritual practices common to all four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It is the classic commentary on the preliminary practices of the Longchen Nyingthig cycle of teachings--the great spiritual treasure of the Nyingmapa school, the oldest of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The author, Patrul Rinpoche, makes his subject matter accessible through a wealth of stories, quotations, and references to everyday life. His sense of poetry and irony, and his warm, colloquial style infuse of the text with the atmosphere and vitality of an oral teaching.
This second, revised edition is the result of a detailed and painstaking comparison of the original Tibetan text with the English translation by the Padmakara Translation group.