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Nagarjuna's Philosophy of No-Identity
By: Ramchandra Pandeya & Manju
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This Book Is Mainly Concerned With The Moral Needs Of Believers And Its Main Theme Of Inquiry Is The Character Of Human Experience, Its Dangers, And Its Victory. These Themes Are The Peculiar Products Of Buddhist Imagination, Demanded By The Requirements Of The Moral Order To Provide For Every Grade Of Merit. The Early Conversions, Effected Under The Immediate Influence Of Buddha, Placed The Believer In Direct Relations With A Powerful Personality. When The First Missionaries Went Forth To Proclaim The Saving Truth, They Could Not Set Their Followers In The Same Immediate Contact With The Teacher, And A New Demand For Faith Was Naturally Awakened.
Nagarjuna, Nondualism and the Nature of Nothing
By: Todd Lorentz
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A new approach to understanding our world is rapidly gaining ascendancy
in the hearts and minds of people everywhere; a worldview steeped in the
growing awareness that we are One family, One humanity.  At the
foundation of this worldview is a mode of thinking called Nondualism and
one of its most detailed and inspired explanations can be found in the
works of Nagarjuna, a 2nd century Buddhist logician and founder of the
Madhyamika tradition.
Prajnadanda, The Staff of Wisdom
Prajnadanda, The Staff of Wisdom
By Nagarjuna
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Translated and edited by Sanjib Kumar; includes Sanskrit, Tibetan, and English text.