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McLeod Ganj
McLeod Ganj
By: Andrew MacLeod
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The history of the Indian town, how it relates to Tibet's history, and how it became "the capital-in-exile of Tibet".
Descriptive Catalogue of the Indigenous Tibetan Manuscripts
Descriptive Catalogue of the Indigenous Tibetan Manuscripts
By: Archana Ray
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The Tibetan Manuscripts have reached India in various ways. Csoma=de-Koros, Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Das and others went to Tibet and brought a huge number of Tibetan Manuscripts with them. These are deposited in different repositories of India like The Asiatic Society, Calcutta University and some other places. The Tibetan Manuscript is commonly known as Kangyur, the canon and Tangyur, the commentaries.

Hidden Tibet
By: S. L. Kuzmin
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Tibet is the land of mysteries. It is not only about religion and occultism: its history remains largely hidden. This book disproves some of the erroneous views on the history and religion of the Tibetans. Tibet has never been a part of China. At the time when China was an inalienable part of the Mongolian Yuan Empire and Manchu Qing Empire, Tibet was a separate country dependent on the Mongol and Manchu emperors, but never lost its statehood. A widespread view that Tibet was an integral part of neighboring empires is related to an ancient Chinese concept of the emperors universal power.