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Concise Introduction to the Four Noble Truths, Explained in Ordinary Language
By: Sangye Nyenpa
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In accordance with the request that was made to me to talk about my Buddhist studies and the view, about how I practise based on them and what I believe, I wish to take this occasion to talk about what I think.
Teaching on Heart Sutra
By: Sangye Nyenpa
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"The topic today is the Heart Sutra.  Before we engage in the listening
of the Buddhadharma, it is important that we begin by first generating
Bodhicitta.  As a Mahayana practitioner the most important part of
Mahayana practice is generating Bodhicitta.  To generate Bodhicitta
means to benefit all sentient beings."
Lamp of Pristine Wisdom, Noble One's Downpour of Blessings
By: Sangye Nyenpa
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The Lamp of Pristine Wisdom: A Commentary on the Manjushri Sadhana, "Clearing Away the Darkness of Delusion."

The Noble One's Downpour of Blesssings: A Condensed Commentary on the Avalokiteshvara Sadhana, "For the Benefit of Beings Pervading Space."
Thinking of Amitabha Buddha
Thinking of Amitabha Buddha
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Selected Mahayans Sutras, translated by Rulu.
Shakyamuni Buddha recommends a Pure Land-Amitabha Buddha's Land of Ultimate Bliss. To be reborn in that land, one must have faith, resolve, and training. In that splendid environment and in the excellent company of advanced Bodhisattvas, one will attain Buddhahood with Amitabha Buddha's training and support. The Pure Land School, originated in China, is founded on five sutras and one treatise. This book, Rulu's second, presents these six texts and four other sutras in English, all translated from texts in the Chinese Buddhist Canon. Five of these ten English translations have never before been published in book form.