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Milarepa: Tibet's Supreme Yogi The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje
Milarepa: Tibet's Supreme Yogi
By: The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje
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In this original play, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, made full use of the genre of theater to bring Milarepa's suffering and spiritual transformation to life. His Holiness the Karmapa transmitted the entire life of Milarepa in a single, magnificent evening, staged on the Tibetan New Year's Day (Losar) in 2010 in the most sacred site for Buddhists, Bodhgaya, India. Twenty thousand people turned out to view this world-class theatrical event, created by His Holiness and performed by actors from the Tibetan Institute for the Performing Arts (TIPA).

Combining elements of Tibetan opera with modern theater, this dramatic work allowed the audience to connect with the life of Tibet's most revered yogi in new and vivid ways.

The script for the six-act play, composed by the 17th Karmapa himself, is complemented in this book by photographs of the original performance as well as traditional scroll painting and modern artistic depictions of events from Milarepa's remarkable life.
Biography and the 100.000 Songs of Milarepa (Tibetan only)
Biography and the 100.000 Songs of Milarepa (Tibetan only)
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rje btsun mi la ras pa'i rnam thar dang mgur 'bum (Tibetan only)

Western Book Format, Paperback, 684 Pages, $16.00

Drinking the Mountain Stream: Songs of Tibet's Beloved Saint, Milarepa
By: Milarepa, tr. Kunga Lama
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More than any other collection of his stories and songs, Drinking the Mountain Stream reveals Milarepa's actions as scathingly direct, his humor and wisdom more acutely penetrating as he cuts through the evil of illusion. Verse after verse, like Milarepa's original followers you too will be drawn to the deepest source of inspiration.
Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
By: Chang, Garma C.C., tr.
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Milarepa's poem are filled with fascinating tales of miraculous encounter and colorful imagery, and present a valuable insight into a living  quality of Tibetan Buddhism. Central as this book is to Tibetan culture, the arcane dialect and obscurity of many original passages daunted translators for centuries; this was the first complete version of the classic to appear in the West.
Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa: A New Translation
By: Tsangnyon Heruka, Christopher Stagg (Translator)
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Powerful and deeply inspiring, there is no book more beloved by Tibetans than The Hundred Thousand Songs, and no figure more revered than Milarepa, the great eleventh-century poet and saint. An ordinary man who, through sheer force of effort, faith, and perseverance, overcame nearly insurmountable obstacles on the spiritual path to achieve enlightenment in a single lifetime, he stands as an exemplar of what it is to lead a spiritual life.
Life and Spiritual Songs of Milarepa
By: Thrangu Rinpoche
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Milarepa is one of the greatest Buddhist saints to have ever lived. His incredible story of accomplishing enlightenment is one of the truly inspirational books in Buddhism. What Milarepa practiced, realized and taught was Mahamudra, which is the special meditation of the Kagyupa school of Tibetan Buddhism. This tradition has passed down orally from guru to disciple often by way of spiritual songs. These songs are a distillation of a practitioner's lifetime of meditation and illustrate the yogi's spontaneous realizations.
Milarepa Play 2 DVDs + 1 CD
Life of Milarepa ( A Play on 2 DVDs + 1 CD) (In Tibetan with English and Chinese Subtitles)
Composed by: 17th Karmapa
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What can Happen when a man commits great evil and then regrets.... A play composed and supervised personally by His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje. This live performance of the amazing story of Milarepa's life was staged on Buddhism's most sacred ground of Bodhgaya under a canopy of shimmering stars on New Year's night, 2010.
Life of Milarepa
Life of Milarepa
By: Heruka Tsangnyon (Author), Andrew Quintman, (Translator)
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"The Life of Milarepa" is one of the most beloved stories of the Tibetan people and a great literary example of the contemplative life. This biography, a dramatic tale from a culture now in crisis, can be read on several levels. A personal and moving introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, it is also a detailed guide to the search for liberation. It presents a quest for purification and buddhahood in a single lifetime, tracing the path of a great sinner who became a great saint. It is also a powerfully evocative narrative, full of magic, miracles, suspense, and humor, while reflecting the religious and social life of medieval Tibet.
Life of Milarepa
Life of Milarepa
By: Lhalungpa, tr.
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The Life of Milarepa is the most beloved story of the Tibetan people and one of the greatest source books for the contemplative life in all of world literature. This biography, a true folktale from a culture
now in crisis, can be read on several levels: a personal and moving introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, it is also a profoundly detailed guidebook in the search for consciousness. It presents the quest for spiritual perfection, tracing the path of a great sinner who became a great saint.

Magnificent Trickster, The Story of Milarepa
Magnificent Trickster, The Story of Milarepa
By: Molly MacGregor
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The life of Milarepa, a renowned Buddhist practitioner of 11th century Tibet, retold for children. Milarepa's life-story is perfect for young readers (ages 8-14) because it is humorous, fast-paced, and filled with magic and surprises.
Milarepa, Songs on the Spot
By: Riggs, Nicole
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" By means of the most sublime language, these songs show us not only how we can free ourselves from anxiety, but also progress toward ultimate liberation and help others to free themselves from suffering. Milarepa traverses ten centuries to speak directly to us in these inspired translations that resonate deep in heart." ---- David Curtis
Milarepa Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet’s Great Yogi
Milarepa: Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet's Great Yogi
By: Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
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He went from being the worst kind of malevolent sorcerer to a devoted and ascetic Buddhist practitioner to a completely enlightened being all in a single lifetime. The story of Milarepa (1040–1123) is a tale of such extreme and powerful transformation that it might be thought not to have much direct application to our own less dramatic lives—but Chogyam Trungpa shows otherwise. This collection of his teachings on the life and songs of the great Tibetan Buddhist poet-saint reveals how Milarepa’s difficulties can be a source of guidance and inspiration for anyone. His struggles, his awakening, and the teachings from his remarkable songs provide precious wisdom for all us practitioners and show what devoted and diligent practice can achieve.
Opening the Treasure of the Profound: Teachings on the Songs of Jigten Sumgon and Milarepa
By: Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen
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In Tibet, vajra songs became popular when Milarepa gave teachings in that style to his disciples. His example influenced all Tibetan Buddhist schools, particularly the Kagyu lineages. People commonly memorized such songs and sang them with beautiful melodies. But vajra songs are much more than pleasant tunes or ordinary poetry. A vajra song reflects the enlightened mind of its author by encapsulating precisely profound meaning in just a few words. Thus, it can be difficult for the unenlightened to penetrate their meaning.
Songs of Milarepa
By: Milarepa
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A Buddhist holy man whose songs have been sung and studied since the twelfth century, Milarepa exchanged a life of sin and maliciousness for one of contemplation and love, eventually reaching--according to his disciples--the ultimate state of enlightenment. His thousands of extemporaneously composed songs communicate complex ideas in a simple, lucid style. This volume features the religious leader's best and most highly esteemed songs of love and compassion.
Songs of Spiritual Experience: Tibetan Buddhist Poems of Insight & Awakening
By: Jinpa / Elsner
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Here is the first major anthology of Tibetan spiritual poetry available
in the West. Songs of Spiritual Experience offers newly translated works
from all the traditions and schools of Tibetan Buddhism, spanning from
the eleventh to the twentieth century. Compiled and translated by
Thupten Jinpa, one of the Dalai Lama's principal translators, and Jas
Elsner, Songs of Spiritual Experience serves both as an introduction to
Tibetan poetry and to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.
Ten Teachings from the 100,000 Songs of Milarepa
By:Thrangu Rinpoche
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The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milaprepa were compiled by Tsang Nyon Heruka, an emanation of Milarepa, who also wrote The Life of Milarepa. Tsang Nyon was a siddha who had gained the apellation "Nyonpa." The life story and songs of Milarepa inspire people to practice his lineage of instructions.
Theory and Practice of Other Emptiness Taught Through Milarepas Songs
Theory and Practice of Other Emptiness Taught Through Milarepas Songs, translated by Tony Duff
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Other Emptiness, or Zhantong in Tibetan, is the most profound view
taught by the Buddha.  It is the very basis of the majority of Tibetan
Buddhist schools, though it has been overshadowed by the views of some
schools who have argued against it.  As a result, it has not been well
understood in the West, where it is often thought of as a complicated
and possibly questionable philosophical view.  In fact, Other Emptiness
is the penultimate teaching of the sutras and the root of all tantras.  
This book shows for the first time that the Buddha did not teach this
ultimate of views as a complicated philosophy for scholarly argument but
as a practical view to be used for the attainment of enlightenment.
Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa
By: Evans-Wentz, W. Y.
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Despite the many sectarian differences among Tibetan Buddhists, they all unite in holding the Great Yogi Milarepa in highest reverence and esteem, considering him the prototype of a great saint. However, a disciple of Milarepa, suspecting that his teacher may have been a fully enlightened buddha, once asked the religious leader his true identity. Not flattered, Milarepa explained that there could be no greater insult than to suggest that he was an emanation of a buddha. To do so was to deprecate the excruciating suffering he had to undergo in order to expunge from him the sins of his youth; to do so was to minimize the remarkable effort he made living in solitary caves and eating only nettles; to do so was to create a barrier to one's own practice.
Yogin and the Madman
Yogin and the Madman : Reading the Biographical Corpus of Tibet's Great Saint Milarepa
By: Andrew Quintman
Our Price: $35.00

Tibetan biographers began writing Jetsun Milarepa's (1052--1135) life story shortly after his death, initiating a literary tradition that turned the poet and saint into a model of virtuosic Buddhist practice throughout the Himalayan world. Andrew Quintman traces this history and its innovations in narrative and aesthetic representation across four centuries, culminating in a detailed analysis of the genre's most famous example, composed in 1488 by Tsangnyn Heruka, or the "Madman of Western Tibet." Quintman imagines these works as a kind of physical body supplanting the yogin's corporeal relics.

Yogin and the Madman : Reading the Biographical Corpus of Tibet's Great Saint Milarepa, Andrew Quintman, Columbia University Press, Paperback, 314 Pages, $35.00