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Art of Living #909 Lama Losang David Bole
Art of Living (#909)
By: Lama Losang (David Bole)
Our Price: $36.00
Members Price: $32.40

7 CDs / 1 MP3 CD
March 2011
Basic Buddhism #849  Lama Losang David Bole
Basic Buddhism (#849)
By: Lama Losang (David Bole)
Our Price: $24.00
Members Price: $21.60

4 CDs / 1 MP3 CD
Aug 2008
Buddha Nature and Animality <br> By: David Jones (editor)
Buddha Nature and Animality
By: David Jones (editor)
Sale Price: $40.00
Members Price: $40.00

Buddha Nature and Animality is about peaceful living. In discussions about the relation between humans and their animal relatives, a central theme is that Buddhism represents the most viable philosophical/religious alternative to the malaise surrounding us when we confront ecological problems. This recognition points to the notion of compassion. Karuna is given expression as an alternative to stewardship since stewardship too falls into the dualistic trap of privileging the human.
Hurry Up and Meditate
Hurry Up and Meditate: Your starter kit for inner peace and better health
David Michie
Sale Price: $11.96
Members Price: $11.96

In this entertaining and thought-provoking book, David Michie explains the nuts and bolts of meditation. As a busy professional as well as a long-term meditator, he gives a first-hand account of how to integrate this transformational practice into every day life. Combining leading edge science with timeless wisdom, Hurry Up and Meditate provides all the motivation and tools you need to achieve greater balance, better health and a more panoramic perspective of life.
Inspiring Generosity Barbara Bonner
Inspiring Generosity
By: Barbara Bonner
Sale Price: $15.96
Members Price: $15.96

The desire to act generously arrives like uninvited guest, unexpectedly, like a lightning bolt, in a mere moment. A gesture, a news story, a quotation in a book, a passing remark can change everything. For many, that moment is enough for generosity to move into their hearts and minds and become central to their lives. This book will help readers open their hearts to the power of their own innate generosity, their desire to make a difference in the world, to help make someones day a little brighter or their world a bit more secure.
Introduction to Basic Buddhism #958 Lama Losang David Bole
Introduction to Basic Buddhism (#958)
By: Lama Losang (David Bole)
Our Price: $30.00
Members Price: $27.00

5 CDs / 1 MP3 CD
Aug 2008
Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism (DVD)
By: Lama David Bole
Sale Price: $31.96
Members Price: $31.96

Lama David Bole covers the basic ideas and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with warmth, humor, and clarity in this set of five talks on four DVDs. It is the recording of a complete weekend of introductory teachings given at Karma Triyana Dharmachackra. The talks present a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on basic meditation practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and sending and receiving (tong-len).
Metaphor and Literalism in Buddhism, The Doctrinal History of Nirvana <br> By: David Waterhouse
Metaphor and Literalism in Buddhism, The Doctrinal History of Nirvana
By: David Waterhouse
Sale Price: $83.96
Members Price: $83.96

This book studies the doctrinal development of the Pali Nirvana and subsequent tradition and compares it with the Chinese Agama and its traditional interpretation. The author clarifies early doctrinal developments of Nirvana and traces the word and related terms back to their original metaphorical contexts, elucidating diverse interpretations and doctrinal and philosophical developments in the abhidharma exegeses and treatises of Southern and Northern Buddhist schools. The book finally examines which school, if any, kept the original meaning and reference of Nirvana.
Stress Management and Relaxation Training
Stress Management and Relaxation Training: Guided Meditation and Body Awarenes, Audio CD
By: David Bole (Lama Losang)
Our Price: $15.00
Members Price: $13.50

To See the Buddha, Malcolm David
To See the Buddha
By: Eckel, Malcolm David
Our Price: $42.00

A Philosopher's Quest for the Meaning of Emptiness
Malcolm David Eckel takes us on a contemporary quest to discover the essential meaning behind the Buddha's many representations. Eckel's bold thesis proposes that the proper understanding of Buddhist philosophy must be thoroughly religious - an understanding revealed in Eckel's new translation of the philosopher Bhavaviveka's major work, The Flame of Reason . Eckel shows that the dimensions of early Indian Buddhism - popular art, conventional piety, and critical philosophy - all work together to express the same religious yearning for the fullness of emptiness that Buddha conveys.
Wooden Wonders: Tibetan Furniture in Secular and Religious Life <br>  By: David Kamansky
Wooden Wonders: Tibetan Furniture in Secular and Religious Life
By: David Kamansky
Sale Price: $39.96
Members Price: $39.96

is the catalogue of an exhibition opening in November 2004 at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. Encompassing masterpieces of Tibetan furniture design and decoration in all its forms, the 148 exhibits are drawn from the large group of public and private collections in the western United States, the result of an active interest in the preservation and research of this long overlooked Tibetan art form.