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Asian Jewel, CD + DVD Dechen Shak-Dagsay
Asian Jewel, CD + DVD
By: Dechen Shak-Dagsay
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In 21st Century, this precious album is far beyond races and religions.

In 2014 ASIAN JEWEL was released. In addition to the CD, this album includes a DVD with interviews, Chinese subtitles and a live-concert. Whilst in the West Dechens music has already become a part of modern lifestyle used for Yoga, Tai Chi, Wellness and Therapeutic Healing Centers.

Music playing time :
CD : 78 mins / DVD : 106 mins
Buddha: Transcending Space & Time, CD
Buddha: Transcending Space & Time, CD
By: Celestial Harmonies
Our Price: $29.98
Members Price: $26.98

Buddha: Transcending Time & Space is a two-disc series of field recordings exploring the past and present of Buddhism. The first disc is an intimate look at the beauty and simplicity of traditional Buddhist worship rituals. Recorded live at various temples and monasteries in Tibet, India, Thailand and Japan (including the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, where Siddhartha Gautama was enlightened and became Buddha), this program includes daily prayers and chants, with the natural ambiance of children playing and birds chirping in the background. The second disc features contemporary devotional pieces, composed by artists like James Ashley Franklin, Mich'l Askill and David Parsons.
Medicine of Sound: Tibetan Healing with Singing Bowls & Chants, CD
Medicine of Sound: Tibetan Healing with Singing Bowls & Chants, CD
Our Price: $15.98
Members Price: $14.38

Selwa, CD
By: Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

The second collaboration between producer/guitarist Steve Tibbetts and Buddhist nun Choying Drolma, SELWA once again frames beautiful Tibetan chants against a backdrop of dreamy electronic textures. The album is an interesting mix of styles; at times Drolma's peaceful voice is nearly unadorned, save some light strumming from Tibbetts' guitar.
Tibetan Bells III, The Empty Mirror, CD
By: Wolff, Henry and Nancy Hennings
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

"Tibetan Bells III" represents the first meeting between Tibetan Bells musicians Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings and producer Brian Keane. The CD is unusual yet serene, especially the 20 minute meditative journey "The Empty Mirror". Although at times the CD can seem like it's electronic or synthesized, all of the instruments are in fact acoustic Tibetan bells, played with different techniques.
Tibetan Mantra and Chants in New Age -Collection I, CD
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

Winner of Religious Music Album, 12th Golden Melody Award

Sung by Tienzin Lama, a chanting master of Kargue Nyima Monastery in Nepal, this album is essential for heart purification and studies of Buddhist Sutra. With his low vibration voice, this album contains 6 mantras, one Lama Chopa Tsok prayer, and two requesting prayers.
2 CDs are included in this album -"Solemn chant version" and "Fresh chant version"- for your enjoyment of listening and learning.
Tibetan Mantra and Sutra in New Age
Tibetan Mantra and Sutra in New Age - Collection II, CD
By: Khenbo Pema Chopel Rinpoche
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

Winner of Religious Music Album, 12th Golden Melody Award

Khenbo Pema Chopel Rinpoche's rich voice full of compassion and wisdom. It expands your horizon and brings you to a higher level of inner awareness. This CD has been awarded the Golden Melody Award for Religious Music 2001, the highest award in the music industry in Taiwan.
Tibetan Mantra and Sutra in New Age - Tsongkhapa, CD
By: Duchen Rinpoche and Shapey Rinpoche
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

The Gelugpa traditional chanting has a distinctive resonant voice frequency. This selection has especially recorded the Je Tsongkhapa's Prayer (Migtsema); Purification prayer for the purification of the vows and to increase merits; Homage to Tara of subduing the evil obstacles and chanting in Sanskrit of Refuge to Triple Jewels. It is especially notable that most of the songs in this selection are originated since more than 300 years ago, from Great Adept Dagpo Rinpoche of Gelugpa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
Tibetan Mantra and Sutra in New Age -Collection IV, CD
By: Kenbo Songbo Rinpoche
Our Price: $18.00
Members Price: $16.20

These precious chants that came from Tibetan guru have been sung for thousand years. These Tibetan Buddhist ritual songs, sung by Kenbo Ven. Songbo Rinpoche from Abbot of Sanye Temple, are elegant, refined, and worth to be treasure in possession.
Tibetan Mantra and Sutra in New Age, Padmasambhava - Collection III, CD
By: Penor Rinpoche, Dorje Lama
Our Price: $18.00

This album collects Nyima Lama Penor Rinpoche's teaching about the essence of Buddha Dharma. The teaching is very beneficial for modern people. The other prayers are chanted by Dorje Lama, his low- pitched voice is deep and subdued, can suddenly calm down listener’s mind.