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Six Topics That All Buddhists Learn: A Text by the Great Khenpo Zhan-ga of Dzogchen Shri Singha College
By: Tony Duff

Six Topics That All Buddhists Learn

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Author: Tony Duff / Zhanphen Chokyi Nangwa
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789937572132
Publication Date: 2014

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Description About the author
The Buddha himself said in a Lesser Vehicle sutra:
Son of the family! You are to become expert in the skandhas. You are to become expert in the āyatanas. You are to become expert in the dhātus. You are to become expert in pratītyasaṃutpāda. You are to become expert in topics. You are to become expert in non-topics.
With these words, the Buddha indicated that there are six topics which must be learned, at least to some extent, by every one of his followers. Although the Buddha gave these teachings in the Lesser Vehicle, they are a necessary foundation for practitioners of all levels, from those studying the Lesser Vehicle to those practising Mahamudra and Great Completion.

This book gives a thorough explanation of the six topics using a text written by Zhanphen Chokyi Nangwa, or Khenchen Zhan-ga as he is more commonly known, the greatest of all abbots to have presided over the famous Shri Singha monastic college at Dzogchen Monastery, Tibet. The author of the book, the well-known teacher and translator Tony Duff, supplements the explanations in the text with many clarifications in an extensive introduction.

The text is very similar to Mipham Namgyals famous mkhas jug or Gateway to Knowledge as it has been called. Unfortunately, Miphams text is difficult for beginners. Zhan-gas text is quite different; it was not written merely as a piece of scholarship, but was carefully composed so as not to exclude beginners with excessively difficult explanations and moreover to be helpful to practitioners of all levels. For these reasons, Gangteng Tulku has selected our book rather than Miphams Gateway of Knowledge in order to teach this topic to students in the second year of his shedra.

PKTC, 222 Pages

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