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Tibetan: mi bskyod pa / mi 'khrugs pa
Sanskrit: akshobhya

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One of the Five Buddha Families or also called dhyani Buddhas. He is of the vajra family and his related wisdom is mirror-like wisdom, and the related confused emotion is aggression. His right hand is in bhumi sparsha mudra and his left hand in dhyana mudra. Sometimes he holds a vajra in his left hand. He can be depicted as a nirmanakaya buddha, in that case he wears simple monk robes. Or in samboghakaya he wears a crown and ornaments. Sometimes he is depicted with a begging bowl instead of a vajra, or completely empty handed, this is very common with statues.

Akshobhya sits upon a throne which is upheld by eight elephants. Just as the elephant is physically the most powerful animal, so rage is mentally the most powwerful mental affliction. The Buddha Akshobhya represents its pacification. His throne is composed of a lotus and moon disk. His blue compexion represents the unchangeable nature of the dharmata. In his hands he holds a vajra, symbol of his freedom from any stain, and a bell, symbol of his gentle compassion, these being the qualities of his activities that benefit beings. The buddhafied associated with Akshobyha is Abhirati (mngon par dga' wa)(True Joy)

Buddhafield: Abhirati
Family: Vajra
Color: Blue
Wisdom: Mirror-like
Direction: East
Affliction: Anger
Animal: Elephant
Realm: Hell
Aggregate: Form
Element: Water

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