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Bardo Package Set
Bardo Package

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Bardo Package Set

The Venerable Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, the Abbot of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, is the most respect retreat master and scholar in Karma Kagyu tradition. With altruistic compassion Rinpoche created a bardo collection to assist those sentiment beings who have not achieved attainment of Samadhi when approaching death.

The Tibetan word bardo means intermediate stage; one must pass through after death before the subsequence rebirth. In bardo mental consciousness will experience a series of bewilderment appearance consisting of peaceful or wrath and demonic figure, in addition to the appearance of brilliant light, intense sound and terrifying version. By failing to recognize these appearances as deities, guiding light and mantras respectively which offer a unique opportunity for attaining higher rebirth or liberation, most of sentiment beings are confused and frightening; therefore, they are being pushed toward rebirth in one of the six realms by karmic forces.

If we are prepared for this bardo appearance, we can take advantage of this last golden opportunity to be liberated. There are six ways by which mental consciousness can attain liberation from bardo: liberation through hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, wearing and remembering. This collection serves these six ways of liberation. It includes not only the precise instruction and clear guidance from Rinpoche how to utilize the attached contents before death, approaching death and after death but also the auspicious contents are personally prepared and consecrated with the blessing by Rinpoche in particular the content of liberation through taste.

This is rare and auspicious gift, a life support for one's journey to next life for liberation and should be treasured.

Upon receiving this Bardo Package, please read the Practical Manual, which contains instructions on the usage of each sacred dharma substance carefully. When the Package is not in use, it can be placed on the shrine or placed where it will be above the head when sleeping.

Bardo Package
Each sacred dharma substance in the Package is meant to be used for the subsequent three stages after bardo of dying, however, all the masters remind us that the key to liberation lies in bardo of life, i.e. the interval from birth to death, including the practices of bardo of sleep and bardo of meditation, In other words, you have to constantly practice in order to recognize the nature of mind while you are alive. Therefore, preparation for death must start from this moment.

Bardo Practical Manual
In general, if we do not know anything about death, fear will persist, confusion and delusion will arise. These will easily lead to rebirth in three lower realms. We need to understand that death is not the end of everything. Instead it is the beginning of the next journey, the journey to our next life. In order to help ourselves and our loved ones be free from the fear and sufferings associated with death and the Bardo, and eventually achieve liberation, there are a few things which we can do.

Bardo Blanket
Bardo Blanket: Shitro Darani Sheet, i.e. a sheet printed with the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities together with the mantras. (Liberation through Touch, Liberation through Seeing)

The size of the sheet is about 90cm x 180cm, made of cotton. There are mandalas of hundred peaceful and wrathful deities, mandala of five Buddhas, Akshobhya mantra, Samantabhadra mantra, valokiteshvara mantra, Vajrapani mantra, Hundred deities daranis, etc. In the bardo, the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities exit our body and dissolve into the mandala of deities printed on the sheet. There is a possibility of liberation here. Please cover the sheet over the deceased person only after they are dead. Keep them covered when cremated, or bury the deceased person with it covering them.

Liberation Through Hearing
When you receive the Package, please download the mp3 from our website (https://dondenchojin.org/library) or send an email to us for the mp3.
It includes the mantras, prayers and practices used for the liberation in the bardo, such as:
  • Thirty Five Buddhas Confession
  • Four Sessions of Guru Yoga by Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje
  • The King of Aspiration Prayers
  • Aspiration
  • Prayers of Maitreya
  • The Bodhicharyavatara: Towards the Path of a Bodhisattva
  • The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra by the Third Karmapa
  • Aspiration Prayer of Sukhavati
  • Mantra of Vairocana
  • Mantra of Buddha Akshobhya
  • Hundred Syllable Mantra
  • Six Syllable Mantra
  • Amitabha Mantra
  • Shitro Darani Mantras
    all of the above recited by Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche
  • "Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo" recited by Lama Karma Drodhul
These can be played at any time. However, it is most important that you play this continuously during the period of dying and throughout the intervals of bardo.

Sacred Pills
Liberation Through Taste. These are exclusively from Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. They include sacred relics from Sakyamuni Buddha to the great masters in the past, such as hair relics of Guru Rinpoche, Vairocana and Yeshe Tsogyal; holy tooth and bone ornaments, and meditation belt of Tilopa; meditation belt and clothes of Milarepa, etc. The contents of the sacred pills are listed in detail in the booklet enclosed in the Bardo Package. Give the pills to the dying person while they can still swallow. If their breath stops, it can be crushed and mixed with the vajra mandala sand then apply to the deceased person's aperture of Brahma on top of the head.

Vajra Mandala Sand
Liberation Through Touch. These are the mixtures of Mandala sands of Powa practice from Palpung Monastery and vajra mandala sands from Tsulpu Monastery as well as from Thrangu Monastery. These are provided by Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. It is best to have the guidance under sanghas or lamas when using it. If this is not possible, family members can put the sands on the deceased person's aperture of Brahma themselves. Be very careful when applying it as they are very precious and limited in quantities. The time to apply is after the breath stops but before any powa practice is done by a lama.

Liberation through Taste
A List of the Contents of the Collection of Samaya Substances

A Small Print of Shitro Darani
Liberation Through Wearing. The hundred peaceful and wrathful deities mantra. It is folded into 6 cm x 6 cm and is wrapped and protected with a plastic cover with mantra printed on it.

Book, Bardo: Interval of Possibility
A book base on a brief root text "Aspiration for the bardo" found by Chokyi Wang Chuk (the sixth Shamarpa), by Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche gave a detailed teaching on the bardo of dying, and the bardo of dharmata, the bardo of becoming. Questions/Answers are included in the book.

Two Excerpts from Chakme Rinpoche's Mountain Dharma
  • The Guide on the Quest for Jewels: Choosing a Pure Realm
  • The Fruit of the Wish-Fulfilling Tree: How the Best, the Intermediate, and the Least Practitioners Die
The Reciting Machine
H.H. 17th Karmapa, chanting the six reciting Syllable Mantra for Bardo Package.

Bardo Blanket for Pet's
Nowadays, we treat our pets as family, after they pass away we wish them to rest in an appropriately good place, thus we designed and prepared this small Bardo blanket for our beloved pets.

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