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Twelve Links of Interdependence
Twelve Links of Interdependence

Tibetan: rten 'brel yan lag bcu gnyis
Sanskrit: dvadashanga pratityasamutpada

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The twelve successive phases that begin with ignorance and end with old age and death, based on the principle that nothing exists independently, but comes into existence only in dependence on various previous causes and conditions. See also independent origination

The twelve links are:
1. ignorance, ma rig pa, avidya
2. formation, 'dus byed, samskara
3. consciousness, rnam shes, vijnana
4. name and form, ming gzugs, nama rupa
5. bases of perception, skye mched, ayatana
6. contact, reg pa, sparsha
7. feeling, tshor ba, vedana
8. craving, sred pa, trishna
9. grasping, len pa, upadana
10. becoming, srid pa, bhava
11. birth, skye ba, jati
12. old age and death, rga shi, jara marana

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